What’s Next for the UFC

Next for the UFC
Next for UFC

What’s Next for the UFC

The UFC has created a platform for MMA fighters to showcase their talents around the world. What’s next for the UFC as the UFC produces the majority of its revenue through advertisements and pay-per-view productions. I believe what’s next for the UFC can expand its financial opportunities through up-and-coming ventures and marketing.

Realistically how useful can up-and-coming technology be for the UFC and its future endeavors. What I’m saying is can the UFC potentially work with Facebook and other platforms on things such as the meta-verse.

I believe there’s a completely unmet market there in the Metaverse and the UFC and it can be potentially Extremely beneficial financial for the UFC and up-and-coming fighters. It’s well known that fighters are usually underpaid until they get their big shining moment on the UFC platform but what if the fighters can find a way to make investments into cryptocurrency and the Metaverse?

Metaverse Opportunities

Fighters sign contracts allowing marketing and advertisement opportunities to the metaverse and making all types of fighters that can be used and through it gaming and betting platforms. This can be a system that diminishes the stereotypes of underpaid fighters and lower levels creating equality financially throughout the sport.

You have some athletes being paid upwards of millions of dollars and others that are struggling to make a day by day

I believe there’s a potential market with the meta-verse in the UFC that needs to be engaged with sooner rather than later. In this modern error, people are making money online, and the sooner the UFC taps into the market the sooner they realize that they will be better off financially.

With their global platform, they will be able to tap into the regions of the world that many other sports haven’t been able to tap into

Fighters like Israel Adesanya and Conor McGregor are future Hall of Famers of the sport what if there was a way to memorialize these legends and allow marketing opportunities through NFTS and crypto.

Youth of the Sport

The current state of the economy is an unsure one and we must ensure our fighters and athletes have the most chance and opportunity at a successful future. This is how we ensure growth and usability throughout the sport of martial arts and making it more of what’s next for the UFC.

I’m a huge fan of the USC in mixed martial arts, in general, I want to see this for growth and develop into one of the largest sports in the world similar to that soccer there are a lot of cultures that play the taboo won the sport of mixed martial arts but I believe they’re these walls could be demolished and broken through allowing a mutual understanding for the art.

Sustainability is key to the future of the sport and I believe we can build a connection with the e-commerce market and Grant athletes the opportunity to make money off their image and likeness through different means is key to the future of mixed martial arts. I believe many opportunities need to be ventured into to benefit young athletes in the UFC.


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