UFC Austin: Josh Emmet vs Calvin Kattar

UFC Austin

Last weekend in the UFC Austin main event Josh Emmet faced off against Calvin Kattar. Emmet being the 7th ranked fighter and Kattar the 4th, This fight was highly anticipated by fans and these two athletes did not disappoint.

Josh Emmet won by a split decision as the UFC Austin judge’s score card was 48-47 Emmet. Both fighters landed devastating blows early on in Round 1. Emmet worked Katter’s legs with brutal kicks as Kattar maintained the distance and control Emmet with steady jabs. Kattar was first to draw blood as he split his eyebrow line of Emmet.

As the fighters began round 2 Kattar continued to make work of Emmet’s wounds and control pace with his jabs. Emmet used his explosive power to strike his body of Calvin and distribute heavy overhand blows. Emmet uses his speed and size to attack the body of Kattar and throw Quick elbows toward the face of his opponent.

Kattar responded with explosive knees to the body of Emmet. This pace continued throughout the rounds as these two men brutally struck each other.

UFC 276

After 5 rounds of devastating blows, both fights were covered in lumps and bruises. The judges ruled Josh Emmet the victor of the UFC Austin main event and he proceeded to call out his next opponent. The Fighting Falmer believes he deserves a shot at the title as he calls out the winner of the UFC featherweight title fight in two weeks between Alexander Volkanovski VS Max Holloway.

The fight at UFC 276 will be the 3rd time these fighters will face off completing their trilogy. Currently, Holloway has lost two of his previous fights to Volkanovski, hopefully, he’s able to claim redemption in a few weeks.

Alexander Volkanovski currently holds a record of 24-1 with an Orthodox fighting style. Max Holloway is 23-6 with a similar orthodox stance. Regardless of previous times fought this fight should be very entertaining and Josh Emmet wants to be stateside waiting on the victor so he can see his next opponent.

Both challenges would be difficult opponents as these two fighters land in the top 3 in featherweight rankings. In my opinion, I would like to see Josh Emmet contend for the featherweight title against Alexander Volkanovski. I think that will be a great fight to watch.

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UFC Austin Conclusion: Suspended indefinitely

Until then Josh Emmet has been ruled as medically suspended by the UFC. It was said that Josh Emmet’s return is indefinite. Emmet suffered server injuries after his fight Emmett’s left eye-socket floor was completely shattered, the left part of his orbital bone was broken, his cheek was caved in, and he had a compressed nerve near the muscle that controls his left eye’s movement.

Emmet was rushed to a facility for emergency surgery. Unsure when Emmet will return to the sport. Emmet has faced a multitude of injuries throughout his career and has overcome them and returned stronger! Hopefully, he heals in time for a future title fight as he is more than deserving of one.


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