Colby Covington just ended Jorge Masvidal’s career

Jorge Masvidal Career Over?

Did Colby Covington just end Jorge Masvidal’s career?

Over 19,000 packed in at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and were treated to a thrilling fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal last weekend. The two men settled their personal and very public feud in the octagon, but when all was said and done, Covington came out the unanimous victor. 

This win by Covington marks the 17th of his professional career and by far the most resounding.

Inside the Fight 

Covington dominated this fight from the get go. He won by decision in five rounds and the fight was scored (49-46, 50-44, 50-45) all in Covington’s favor. Covington proved why he is the No. 1 ranked welterweight fighter in the world and did it convincingly.

The numbers of this fight all tell that same tale. Covington landed 218 out of 338 total strikes (64.5%), while Masvidal landed just 90 out of 166 for 54.2%. When you have more than double your opponent’s numbers in strikes landed and a 10% better rate in that statistic, it’s hard to imagine that your opponent has much of a chance.

Despite Masvidal having a slight edge in percentage of significant strikes landed, Covington still outdid him in the total with 94 compared to just 67 for Masvidal. 

A big reason why Masvidal lost the fight was his inability to even attempt a takedown. On the other hand, Covington went 6/15 on takedowns and had one submission attempt compared to absolutely zero for Masvidal in both those stats.

This fight was about as lopsided as it could have been considering it went five rounds and was settled by decision. Masvidal hung in there but just didn’t have the energy to keep up with Covington. There were a couple moments where Masvidal got some shots in that could have done more damage to Covington but Masvidal’s disadvantage was just too great to overcome.

Jorge Masvidal in Decline 

For the 37 year old Masvidal, this is the end of the line. His inability to keep up with his opponent was exposed on a national stage last Saturday and it’s hard to imagine him bouncing back from this loss. He didn’t just get beaten; he got routed. 

This was Jorge Masvidal’s last chance and it didn’t work out. His last three fights have shown that the fighter’s career is basically over. He got knocked out in two rounds by Kamaru Usman in the Welterweight Championship then had to cancel his December bout with Leon Edwards at UFC 269, and now, this. 

It’s been a long and successful professional career for Masvidal in mixed martial arts, but there comes a time when it’s clear that a fighter can no longer keep up with the competition. This was a blow to him professionally and physically, but mostly, it was a gutting defeat for Masvidal’s ego. 

This fight was about more than titles or awards; it was about a personal feud and Masvidal lost and then some. It might be a bold prediction, but Masvidal will not fight again on the professional level. 

What’s Next for Covington 

After a resounding victory, Colby Covington immediately has his sights on the future. He called out Dustin Poirier during his post-fight interview and has been anything but quiet since his big win on Saturday night.

Covington is a former interim title holder who is the best pound for pound fighter in his weight class. He’s undeniably a great fighter whose physicality and strength are incredibly impressive, but his chances of winning a title are slim considering he’s lost two title bouts to Usman. 

However, after this win, the future is bright for Covington and it’s clear that his confidence in the octagon is at an all time high.


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