Top 5 Worst Action Movie Female Co Stars: #5 Helen Hunt, Twister

Editors Note: I know this is the #MeToo movement and everybody is very sensitive. I am in favor of women being treated like equals. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Women are incredible and should be treated as such. With that being said, I had to make a list throwing some shots at the female leads in action movies. I would do the same thing for a man and I have, check the receipts. And before you poke holes at the list, this is action movies and not drama’s. This list also isn’t solely based on acting ability but more so a bad character or in some cases, both.

Helen Hunt as Jo Harding is a sneaky one at number 5. I love the movie Twister. I was terrified of tornados as a kid and this movie was my Nightmare on Elm Street. Fuck Freddy Krueger and his burnt up face. I rather see Freddy Krueger outside my window then see a big ass tornado. Helen Hunt’s character was meant to be a hero but she came off as a selfish, know it all home wrecker. Sure, she lost her Dad to a tornado when she was young and dedicated her life to studying the science behind them, that’s a beautiful sentiment. But she broke up her ex husbands soon to be marriage because she couldn’t get over him. Bill Paxton(RIP) was electric in this movie, as he always is, and so was Philip Seymour Hoffman(RIP) but Helen Hunt character fell flat to me. Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets? Yes please. Helen Hunt in Twister? No thank you.

Bill Paxton was clearly the brains in this rag tag bunch of scientists. Helen Hunt was the leader and had the big swinging dick. It was her way or the highway, don’t even try to fight it. Hunt Almost got her crew killed like 15 times so she can see her precious Dorothy fly, just flat-out selfish. She destroyed Bill’s brand new truck, selfish. She told Bill’s new fiancé that she is still in love with Bill, SELFISH! I will say I like that Helen Hunt has the biggest pair of balls in this movie, even though Bill Paxton’s nickname is ‘The Extreme’ she is the one who calls the shots and tells it like it is. I respect that. But her lack of safety and only caring about numero uno really puts a sour taste in my mouth.

The movie ends of course with Helen Hunt getting her way and getting Bill Paxton back. There are not many things that make woman more horny then getting caught in the middle of a tornado while being tied down to a steel pipe. Poor Melissa Reeves, she went along thinking the divorce papers were going to get signed then she got caught in like 36 tornados, talk about a bad day. But if they ever remake Twister and Helen Hunt gets the call, let’s be a team player this time HH. This isn’t Mad About You where you can bully that pussy Paul Reiser, this is the big leagues. There is no I in team but there is U-N-T in Cunt. Get it?

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