I got merch on merch on merch! As of today. January 23rd, the MMA Takes Podcast(Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play Store)has been launched for exactly one year! I did a state of the union podcast just moments ago and I mentioned I was putting out some more clothing items. Well, as loyal followers of this webpage that I update every 3 months, you get first dibs.

That is the link you need to buy some of this FIRE clothes I just put up.

I’ll showcase a few of the newer options…

Top 5 Hoodie!

If you have listened to the podcast then you know I end most shows with a Top 5. So, I decided to make a top 5 hoodie. We all have that one go to piece of clothing that we wear, this one is guaranteed to be in your top 5.

HUh? Long Sleever!

Long sleeve Tee’s are HOT right now. I love a good long sleever. This one ask a simple question. Huh?

Logo on a Hoodie

This one isn’t as catchy or inside jokey as the other two. But this is a classic hoodie with our big ole’ dumb logo on it. Comes in three different color options, Gray, Black and a different shade of Gray.

I’m not much of a salesmen. I need to promote my stuff a little more. And I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I might not eat* tonight if you guys don’t buy anything.


*Eat at a 5 star restaurant

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