Kamaru Usman Is Your Next Welterweight Champion…And He Has The Most Drip In The UFC

My headline may seem like a hot take but it’s a certainty. There are 3 certainties in life. You have to pay taxes. You die. And if you like Colby Covington’s bit then you are brain dead. Another one of those certainties is Kamaru Usman will be the Welterweight Champion of the world on March 2nd.

Check the tapes. Call your book maker. Call your friends cousin who has all the hot tips. Do what you have to do but believe me when I tell you, this man won’t be stopped. I know Benny with the good hair Askren has a lot buzz with his most recent signing with the UFC. He is calling everybody out, he is making a name for himself. I like Askren, his howdy doody demeanor is working. But let’s just wait and see how he handles Lawler. Hmm k? 

And have you seen Usman’s drip lately? His fit’s at every UFC are without a doubt show stoppers. I know Joe Benavidez is highly regarded in the MMA community when it comes to fashion but I think Usman might take that title. And don’t even say Rory Macdonald to me.. Rory had a nice little glow up but that’s only because he use to dress like a fucking dork. Rory don’t want this smoke.

Look at his most recent looks:

Drip Drip…
Drip Drip Drip…

Watch out world, Usman 2019. 

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