Fight Flashbacks On The Podcast

I will be doing a new podcast where I watch the top 5 fights that got me hooked into MMA, at least the ones I can remember. This blog is manly to kind of brainstorm what I think would work best. There is no current UFC event until January 19th and as I am writing this that’s about 3 weeks away. YIKES! I have my top 5 list that I will be watching but I will not reveal those until the podcast. Spoiler alert, they are all pre UFC 43. It will be one maybe two fights a podcast. This will not change anything with the current podcast I do. Just an added show I am going to try.

The idea is to watch and comment and react to the fights. I have not watched any of the 5 fights in roughly 8 years. I know what you’re thinking “Oh is this just going to be like those stupid reaction videos they have on YouTube?” NO! HOW DARE YOU! it will be audio only. But besides that, yes it will be about the same.

If this goes well this can be a thing we do for future podcasts and maybe even add a guest or two.

The first flashback fight podcast will drop tomorrow. Same Place as always.


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