Chuck, If You Are Reading This….Please Don’t Fight Again. Please.

Last night was one of the more depressing nights of my life. When I ventured into this world of MMA Chuck Liddell was the fucking king, My first live Chuck fight was UFC 40 when he head kicked Babalu. I had seen the mohawk man before in highlights but after he kicked Babalu’s head into the 5th row I was hooked on the Iceman.

Chuck had such a different energy to him. His skills never jumped out at you. His defense was shit. He never moved his head. His wrestling was decent but he made up for all that with a fucking cannon for a right hand that flattened guys. After he put a fighter to sleep before thanking his coaches or his training partners he would let you know where his after party was at. Chuck was without a doubt a rockstar. Chuck had a beer belly, he was banging porn stars and he was destroying everyone they put in front of him. 2004-2007 Chuck might go down as the best years anyone could have. If I could go back and party with anyone famous in history 04-07 Liddell is in my top 3.

But last night, for whatever reason someone convinced Chuck to fight Tito a third time, after 8 years of not fighting. His pre fight workouts looked terrible. His pre fight interviews sounded terrible. He was limping the entire week. He looked to be in good shape but so does Richard Simmons, doesn’t mean he is fit to do anything. 

I didn’t pay for the fight and told myself I wouldn’t watch it. But I found myself watching it. Chuck looked worse than I thought. He was impossibly slow. He looked scared to be in there. Tito out boxed him the entire time. After about 4 minutes Tito finally landed a big right hand and put Chuck to sleep. It was without question, the hardest thing I have watched in MMA. 

Chuck, I know you visit this website (allegedly) and I want you to read this very carefully….Please don’t fight again. 

Also, cut the mohawk, you’re 50. 

Oh, Chuck.

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