Top 5 Action Movie Villains: #2 Jimmy From Road House

`If anyone knows me, they know I love the movie Road House. It is a perfect film. It is so bad its good, it’s so cheesy, it’s hilarious. Then you add Swayze and it’s a perfect movie. What also makes it great is a bad mother fucker simply known as Jimmy. This dude would kill his own mother just to prove a point. He works for the main bad guy Brad Wesley, but Wesley is an old man who doesn’t do any of his own heavy lifting. He runs that town because he knows Jimmy will take a pool cue and shove it up someones ass if they don’t comply. So I don’t want any comments to be ” Well, Brad Wesley was actually the real Villain” If you think that then you’re a moron and I think you should go jump out a fucking window. Jimmy is calling the shots.

Jimmy doesn’t have a last name and we don’t know much about his background. Which I think add’s to the mystic of this cold-blooded killer. He looks to be to be Italian or Greek. I am going to go with Greek and in my mind his name is Jimmy Lapoloplas. That sounds about right. The actor who plays Jimmy is Marshall Teague and what do you know? He was on Walker Texas. I personally don’t like the idea of him being on such a pussy show as Walker Texas Ranger. So to me, he will always be known as Jimmy from Road House.



As you can imagine Jimmy didn’t speak a whole lot in Road House, nor should he. He just had that look about him that screams “I will murder you and then have sex with your corpse.” Clearly, Dalton had some sort of karate training as there was a whole montage of him doing his moves early in the morning. Jimmy wasn’t a big training guy because he could fucking take out like 10 guys with a pool cue, nobody wanted the smoke from Jimmy. Finally were going to see Dalton and Jimmy fight. It happens after Jimmy plays a harmless prank of lighting a house on fire. Jimmy is riding off laughing at how good he just got Dalton and Emmet and Dalton tackles him off his motorcycle. Jokes over once you assault another man. We finally get the Dalton Vs. Jimmy fight that has been boiling over the entire movie. Listen, I love Dalton and he clearly won this fight with an epic throat rip. But Jimmy had his moments and looked good. He even let a little glimpse into his background and told Dalton “I use to fuck guys like you prison!” Which is a good footnote to have. Jimmy is gay friendly and served some time, great back story information.  I think Jimmy would have done better if he wasn’t skinny dipping at Wesley’s every night and getting boozed up trying to hide his homosexuality to the other bodyguards. But Jimmy’s gonna Jimmy. If Jimmy didn’t run into Dalton he would have over 1000 confirmed kills in Jasper, Missouri and unfortunately probably a couple of rape charges too. Rest in Peace Jimmy. You sexually confused, greek looking, psycho path murderer.

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