Top 5 Action Movie Villains: #3 Chong Li

Have you seen the traps on this fucking guy? Goodness. Chong Li was that badass shirtless dude from the classic 1988 movie Bloodsport. You remember this guy right? He never wore a shirt, sick ass headband and the beefiest Asian man ever on-screen. I am pretty sure the actor Bolo Yeung has never won any kind of acting award, which is a shame, but I will give him the MMA Takes beefiest Asian Man Ever On Screen Award right now,. Congratulations Bolo, you finally did it.

Chong Li is a ruthless Chinese martial arts world champion, who regularly kills people in underground fighting tournaments. I mean, this movie is essentially what the UFC became in 1993. Send your best fighters from all over the world and we will see who has the biggest dick swinging at the end and Chong Li was the biggest dick swinging for a very long time. I know what you’re thinking, there is no way an asian man can have the biggest dick swinging. But If you took one look at Chong Li shirtless you will change your mind.


Chong had about 4-5 fights in the movie where he was just toying with people and decided to fight Jean-Claude’s friend, Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, or in this movie “Ray Jackson” and killed him. Chong fucking killed him. It was a quick fight and Ogre thought he had the fight won, turned his back on Chong to celebrate, like a loud American does, and Chong made him pay, with his fucking life! Jean-Claude who apparently is the best fighter in the world was somehow being held back by a 85 pound Chinese guy who was his interpreter. Really Jean Claude? You couldn’t break free from his mighty grip? Ray Jackson’s death is on your hands Jean Claude, not Chong’s.

As you can imagine the final fight is Chong Vs. Jean-Claude and it is a real barn burner. Chong is accused of cheating by throwing salt in Jean Claude’s eye, who then proceeds to fight blind. Remember now, this is the same guy that let his friend die, he has no honor and would most certainly lie about being blind. Personally, I didn’t see any infractions and I thought Chong fought a good fight. But the younger, quicker Jean Claude won in the end. Hey, shit happens but I love the fact that Jean Claude never gave Chong a rematch, such a coward move.

But Chong stayed ruthless and has probably went on to kill thousands of people in underground tournaments. This movie was back in 1988 so I am sure Chong is a little long in the tooth by now. I bet he is still getting regular tournament style kills in when he can. He could be number 1 on anyones list but he sits firmly at number 3 for MMA Takes.

I’ll leave you with the best line of the whole movie, spoken by none other than Chong Li “Brick don’t hit back” Wow. Nobody wants that smoke.

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