Top 5 Action Movie Villains: #4 Ivan Drago

This giant Russian flat topped son of a bitch would probably make a lot of peoples list and he would be ranked higher, if I had to guess. But he sits firmly at number 4 for me. He was a giant, scary man. Who people forget, murder Apollo Creed. Am I the only one who remembers this? Drago knowingly took steroids, took his giant flat top and went into a boxing ring and killed former champion Apollo Creed. If you ask me, that’s premeditate murder, first degree bitch.

As far as I am concerned Drago only has one real win and he cheated his way to the top, only like a true scumbag would. I know being a scumbag is a big part of this list but something about Drago just rubs me the wrong way. I know the new Creed movie is featuring him and his son and I have to imagine his mouthy wife as well. Drago spoke like 4 lines in Rocky 4 and his wife spoke about 1,300. I have no problem with a strong, powerful woman. In fact, I married one. But at some point Drago has to be an Alpha. Now that I am thinking about it maybe she should be on this list? No I can’t do that because Drago was the boxer and if he murderd someone in the ring I can only imagine how his home life was, no matter how strong, powerful and ruthless his wife was. Wait, am I in love with Drago’s wife Ludmilla? No, can’t be. (stay focused Brian)

Drago finally got his shot at the champ and he was kicking the shit out of Rocky. Drago was winning every single round and dropped Rocky like 18 times (the ref should of stopped the fight) But then Drago gave up because he lacked heart and his tough, sweet mouth, beautiful wife wasn’t able to fight for him. When he had to finally handle business himself he choked and lost like a coward. Drago would be much higher on the list if he actually had a better boxing record. I never understood Drago’s hype. Scary? Sure. World class fighter? Not a chance. He is a murderer and has a sweet ass haircut, which qualifies him to make the list. And out of all of Rocky’s opponents, Drago is by far the best and scariest. Having a list of top 5 Action Movie Villians one of Rocky’s opponents had to make the list. Drago being the clear cut winner.

But he still lost to a 5’5 Rocky Balboa, people don’t forget.

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