My 5 Takeaways From UFC 229 (Unbiased)

Where do I start? What a crazy night last night. Austin, Steve and I recorded our live reactions to the main event (which will be out tomorrow on iTunes, make sure you like and subscribe) and I got hot. I lost my cool. Emotions flowed out of me like the mighty Colorado river. I would be lying if I told you I went home and went right to bed. I was up until about 7 in the morning trying to process the insanity of what happened after the fight. I’ll save my long-winded speeches for when you guys listen to the podcast but I do have some takeaways from UFC 229. Here are 5 of them.


5. Strip Khabib of his title and ban him from The United States. I know this may seem extreme and biased on my part because I am a Conor fan and I put money on Conor in the fight but it’s not (maybe a little) But what he did was so unprofessional and crossed so many lines. You’re probably saying “But Brian what about Conor attacking the bus?” And I will counter with the bus wasn’t in a professional setting and in front of millions of people. I am actually more upset at Khabib’s goons who jumped the fence and took a few cheap shots at Conor. I don’t think I am being dramatic when I say those guys should be put in jail the rest of their lives and the only thing they’re allowed to watch for entertainment is Conor Mcgregor’s Burger King commercial.

4. Tony Ferguson should have a time limit on how long he speaks. Tony is one of the best 155 pounders in the world. He is a former champion and one of the toughest guys to ever fight in MMA. But dude is weird. He is self describing as crazy but he is just weird as they come. And not the good kind of weird that is kind of endearing. But the kind of weird that you never want to be in the same room as him, let alone speak to him. I respect Tony and think he is a great fighter but mannnn is he weird. You have to have a time cap with him on the mic, have too.

3. Derrick Lewis is gold and the UFC should promote his social media at every event. The guy is an electric factory online. Either his Twitter (@thebeast_ufc) or Instagram (thebeastufc) it is all  worthy of a follow. The UFC needs to put shots of his GIF or videos from Instagram while he is fighting. Because usually rounds 1-2 aren’t that great if you’re a Derrick Lewis fan. Lewis starts slow and ends slow. But he has  enormous knockout power and won the fight with 11 seconds left. He then took his shorts off in the cage and was wearing nothing but his underwear. Rogan asked why he did that and Lewis responded with “My balls got hot” He is golden.

2. Dana White might have a health problem after last night. Listen, I love Dana. I think he handled last night the best anyone in his position could. But the guy is full of testosterone and some form of HGH that I am worried for his health. His face keeps getting more red as each event goes. He already has some weird ear disease that can only be cured in Germany. I love Dana, I am just worried about his health.

1. Conor is the biggest star ever but he has tapped twice now. I am a Conor guy, I will always be a Conor guy. He has changed the game and there will be no one like him maybe ever. But let’s be honest here people, he has now tapped out twice in the UFC. 4 times overall in his MMA career. The Diaz tap I chalked up to exhaustion and that Diaz is a killer on the ground. Last night though, he looked to have given up to me. The choke was on the chin and not under. He wouldn’t have gone out but I am sure it wasn’t pleasant. There are guys who can finish that choke on the chin but high level guys usually ride it out. It is something that is going to be a sore spot with his record moving forward. Tony Ferguson would have never tapped to that, but that’s none of my business. thatsnoneofmy.jpg



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