Water Cooler Talk Is Here For UFC 229

It seems like to me, this isn’t the biggest fight in UFC history but they keep calling it that. I think they’re going with my strategy that if you say something so many times it becomes a truth and everyone buys in. That is why I graduated from Harvard and I am 6’5. I just feel like the lack of promotion is hurting this fight. We all know Conor is a huge star but the common man might not see everything us hardcore fans do. But we are getting close and it is fight week and the water cooler talk has finally surfaced.

I listened to two men today at work, who probably couldn’t name a single UFC Champion, ask one another if they were getting the fight this weekend. That is how I judge if a fight will sell. UFC may have graphs and charts, and people who actually went to Harvard tell them this is tracking 2.5 million buys, big fucking deal. I have my methods and they have never failed me. This fight will sell 2.1 million buys. It won’t break records but that is a damn good number.

5 days away….5 days.

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