T SHIRTS FOR SALE! This Might Sound Like A Cheap Ploy To Make Money Off Merch Sales, Well It Is.

Well, I up and did it. I made some fire (Insert fire emoji) T-shirts that I would love for people to buy. Don’t do it for me, do it for you. I know people are thinking why would I buy this crap and make this guy even MORE rich? Good question and I will counter with I am not rich and I wanted to make merch’ (Merchandise for those over 40) to spread my brand’s name, not a get rich scheme. I partnered with TeeSpring, a lovely little company that let’s me create my designs and then sell them as long as the quota of t-shirts are met. For example, If you purchase a shirt I would need 5 more people to do so before they print and ship to you. So let’s recruit 5 of your closest friends and then they tell 5 of their friends..oh shit, that is starting to sound like a pyramid scheme, which again, this is NOT.

I made three pretty cool shirts if you’re into MMA or kick ass shirts.

LINK: MMA Takes Shop

The first shirt is a small MMA Takes logo on the breast pocket. There are several different color options, this is the white option:

whitelogo t.jpg

Next up we have the Champ Champ Shirt:

Champ Champ shirt

And the last one is my personal favorite, the Diaz Dare Shirt:

dare diaz shirt.jpg

I am hoping people like (buy) them and want to support the website and podcast and in the future I can put out hoodies and more designs.

Again, I don’t make guarantee’s often but if you buy one of these shirts you are GUARANTEED to get laid.

Heres another link to the shop:

MMA Takes Shop


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