The Tale Of Two Bodies; RDA and Palhares Edition.

Good God of Zorp! Have you seen Palhares? I mean, this guy was built like a tree stump before and now he is a red wood, just thick all over. He looks like an 1800’s boxer that was stung by 100 bee’s who had steroids. Some breaking news here, this information just came across my desk, his personal trainers are Jose Canseco, Lance Armstrong and Brock Lesnar. It all add’s up now. I mean, what the fuck happened to this guy? He has ripped knees off high level fighters for years and now he is going to rip throats, straight MacGruber style. I have maintained I am not fearful of any man walking the earth, except Jon Voight, he just creeps me out, but Palhares is quickly becoming a man I would not want to be trapped into a room with. When they photo hit Twitter I freaked out and posted to Instagram. While over on Instagram, I saw the exact opposite picture of Rafael Dos Anjos. RDA looks tired, to put it nicely. He looks like he has taken a steroid called ” DAD Bod” If you’re reading this and did not know what RDA looked like prior, see the photo below.


Now, that’s a former Light Weight Champion. The guy in the photo on Jake Ellenberger’s Instagram looks like the guy trying MMA for the first time with a bad-ass goatee. A goatee that says, you know I am trying something new while I am off work. He looks like a deflated balloon, that’s why he is Tom Brady’s favorite fighter. (2015 zing!)

What a weekend of photos.

Get well soon Dos Anjos.

Palhares, you look fantastic. I’m sorry sir.


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