Anthony Smith Is The Guy We Need

I can’t say enough good things about Smith. He just wrecked Rashad Evans and Shogun within 2 weeks of each other. He said fuck cutting weight, I’ll fight at my natural weight. He said fuck training camps, I’ll fight you right now Gustafsson. This is the new breed of Light Heavyweight the UFC needs. We all need it.

The Light Heavyweight is the money division for the UFC. Chuck Liddell ruled with an iron right hand in the mid 2000’s and Jon Jones has been in and out of being the king. Daniel Cormier has done a great job while Jones is off doing whatever Jon Jones does. (I am assuming it involves powders and woman) But Cormier has lacked respect since he became champion. DC is on his way out and we need stars in the Light Heavyweight division. Enter former Middleweight; Anthony Smith.

This guy has broken the mold for up and coming fighters. In 2010 Smith’s MMA record was 5-6. He had just lost 4 in a row. Four years later, he was 17-11 and rattled off 8 straight wins to get invited to the UFC. His UFC record has been up and down but I attribute that to his weight cut. He is 6’4 fighting at 185, that’s insane. That’s like Phil  Baroni trying to put on a regular sized condom, it won’t all fit. (If you haven’t seen Baroni’s dick pics then do yourself a favor and search it. It’s impressive) I might be getting ahead of myself because Smith is only 2-0 in his new division but I can’t help it. This guy is everything that is right about MMA. How many times do you think he has thought about quitting or was told to quit when he as 5-6? Or even 17-11 with 4 years in the MMA game. The mental tough on this guy is something else. If you’re looking for somebody to root for, I think I found your Huckleberry.


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