UFC 225: Underdog Picks.

I really wish Cincinnati would open a sports book already. This weekends UFC 225 is going to make me rich. I am talking like give the waitress my card without even looking at the bill rich. No more asking ” Who had the chicken fingers?” when the bill comes.

UFC 225 on paper is the most stacked UFC card of the year so far. And more importantly, my very smart brain and always right gut have a hunch on a few underdogs this weekend. And since I run a website and host a very successful podcast I will share with you my money picks because well, I am a nice guy.

Carla Esparza +405 Vs. Claudia Gadelha – 520

Esparza was the first Women’s Strawweight Champion. She is coming off a big win and I think has a solid wrestling game that will give Gadelha fits. I think Gadelha is a better fighter but she has done nothing to be this big of a favorite. I think Esparaza can sneak out a split decision win. By the way, took me 3 times to spell Strawweight. Those double W’s really bother me.

Rashad Evans +260 Vs. Anthony Smith -310

Alright, I know Rashad is past his prime. And I know he did not look great at 185 but the guy is a future hall of famer and he is fighting a guy who I don’t think is world-class. I think Rashad turns back time Saturday night with a big upset win. He also might get his head kicked off his fucking shoulders but I am literally putting money on it that he doesn’t.

CM Punk +170 Vs. Mike Jackson -200 

I had to look back at the page I am getting my odds from 3 times to remember “Mike Jackson” that should tell you how unforgettable this guy is. He is a full-time fight photographer and part-time fighter. CM Punk is a millionaire who is training with a really good team. That’s literally all CM Punk has to do is train and fuck his hot wife. How can he not of gotten better? Well sirs, I think he has. This won’t be the prettiest fight but I think CM Punk actually TKO’s Mike Jackson in a sloppy fight. I hope after he wins he finally tells his hometown crowd what “CM” stands for. Drives me crazy that I don’t know.

There they are, the list that will get me rich. I have a few others I like as well but these are the three that stand out. Plus if you want my full list you will need to Venmo me $68 dollars and I will give you the full list. Or just listen to the MMA Takes Podcast to find out who I picked.



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