Marlon Moraes Voice Bothers Me.

What is it with these great fighters that have squeaky voices. Instead of Marlon being a badass fighter he sounds like he should be doing voice over work for Disney. I can see Marlon playing a cute little squirrel or a fluffy bunny. That voice mixed with his accent is not scaring anybody, a-n-y-b-o-d-y.

A lot of great fighters have had some odd voices. Mike Tyson very soft with that lisp, probably one of the more iconic. Anderson Silva has a very odd way of speaking. He sounds like he sucked on a few helium balloons before he begins to talk. Did I just unlock the key to being an all time great? Not saying Marlon is currently an all time great but he is certainly on his way.

Hopefully my take on squeaky voice fighters being all time greats is not true, because your boy is working with a baritone.

Here is Marlon from this past Friday:

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