Darren Till Is Your Next Champion. Deal With It.

We did Liverpool, WE DID IT!

I am not from Liverpool but after enduring a long 5 round fight on this wonderful Sunday afternoon I felt like I was a Scouser for 25 minutes. It was a close fight, no doubt about it. I applaud Wonderboy for even taking this fight considering he had everything to risk and not a whole lot to gain from it. It was two of the highest level strikers in MMA having a chess match for 25 minutes. I was surprised Till didn’t come out very aggressive but he fought a very smart fight. On the MMA Takes Podcast I kept talking about Till’s mental and how I think he is smart and today he proved me right.

He fooled Thompson more than Thompson fooled him. Thompson is a great counter striker and he was waiting for Till to push forward but he didn’t. Till was measured and calm. Every time Thompson blitz with punches instead of taking a step back Till stood his ground and Thompson ended up running into a brick God damn wall. Till knocked down Thompson in the 5th and almost had a choked lock up but didn’t pull the trigger.

This is back to back fights Till has won me money. He has become my golden goose. I think he has the skills to become a champion (as long as he makes championship weight) and I am intrigued to see how he does against world-class grapplers. I think he is big enough and hits hard enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Darren Till The Welterweight Champion, get use to saying it.



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