Diaper Man Vs. Horseshoe Hair This Saturday UFC 224.

This is really happening Saturday. Junior Albini or better known as “Diaper Boy” is fighting Alexey Oliynyk, who has the worst hair in all of the world.

Let’s start with Diaper Boy. Albini’s nickname is ‘baby’ and he must have really ran with that bit when he fought Andrei Arlovski because he literally wore a fucking diaper. (See Below, Credit mmajunkie.com)


A grown man wore these shorts to fight another grown man. He lost bad and in my opinion should have been disqualified. The only way I would let this guy continue fighting is if he shit his diaper shorts right then and there to prove if they work, that’s the only fucking way. What a disaster this guy’s career is going to turn out to be all from diaper shorts.

Diaper Boy is fighting Alexey Oilynyk who has the worst hair cut since John Candy from Stripes. I was kind enough to attach a photo below. Alexey is like a thousand years old. I feel like he is related to Putin somehow and has blackmailed the UFC to keep letting him fight. Sure, he has some wins because he has a pretty decent submission game but come on! The guy is 40 but his real age is closer to 60. He hasn’t evolved his game since the Space Race. I don’t like bashing fighters but I also don’t hate it. I realize both of these guys could hand me my ass at any moment but I know I’ll never wear diaper shorts or walk around with hair that looked like that. Goodness, own a mirror Alexey.

Who wore it better? John Candy? Or Old man Alexey:

john candy.jpg

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