My Podcast Is My Main Chick, The Website Is My Side Chick.

I tried to be hip and title this blog so that it will grab the attention of the youths. Let’s face it, the website needs to be updated more often and I have been failing miserably at doing so. I have been spending all my time with my podcast (Main Chick) and that takes up a lot of my time and brain power. I love doing the podcast because talking comes more natural than writing. I don’t have to spell check my words and even if I mispronounce words, which I have never done, people find it charming or endearing. If I have a huge spelling or typo issue the grammar police are on my ass about it. The podcast is fun to do and I usually just talk until it hits 30 minutes. It’s therapeutic. It is hard to quit that…I’m sorry Website.

I am done making excuses for myself. I have an iPhone note pad full of dumb blog ideas to write and I just need to write them. I want and need to bring someone on to write as well. The content of the website will be juiced up once I get credential to a UFC event. I’ll have several things to discuss. For example, if the UFC media person is ugly, fat, handsome, cute, smells bad, etc. that is content for the website.

I am writing this to the people who enjoy reading and not listening to a voice all the time know that I am on it baby! I launched the website in October and I am very proud of it so far. I could be doing a lot more and I will be. It has already opened a few doors for me. Albeit, doggy doors but doors nonetheless. I’ve been contacted twice to write for other websites but I am not interested in writing what other people think is entertaining. I am  my own boss and I can write anything, shit, piss, fart, butt-holes for no reason and I have no editor to tell me I can’t.

I’ll be better. I am a man of many abilites and writing blogs and producing the best MMA podcast there is are on the top of the list.

Be patient with me.

Your best friend,


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