Choo! Choo! All Aboard: Israel Adesanya

Choo – Choo like a train? Fuck off it works.

Israel Adesanya is the future of the Middleweight Division. I am so pumped to see this guy fight again. With a MMA record of 12-0, kickboxing record of 57-5 and a professional boxing record of 6-1 I’d say Adesanya is pretty well accomplished.

Israel made his UFC debut in February against an out matched Rob Wilkinson and gained a ton of eye balls on his rising status. But like always I have been on the Adesanya train for more than a year and I hate to be that guy who comments “First” on someone’s post but “First”.

For the uninformed, here is a quick highlight of my guy:


There are not a lot of kicboxers who cross over to MMA that I get this excited about. This kid is one of a kind, thus explaining my Choo-Choo Hype Train excitement. His personality is on point (After he won his debut he celebrated by miming taking his dick out and taking a celebratory piss) and his fighting style is Juiced. (Juiced,verb. Someone who brings the energy, doesn’t fuck around, electric)

Adesanya fights this Saturday on Fox. Do yourself a favor and watch this man.



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