Hot Take: I Can Beat AJ Green In An MMA Fight, My Friends Disagree.

It’s a tale as old as time. We all have that one friend who claims they could hit a home run in the majors. Or they could have made that buzzer beater to win the game. You know the friend I am talking about, I am that friend.

Let me explain…

Austin and I did a podcast (which you can listen to on iTunes or Google Play Music) and I brought up how Austin and our buddy Josh said Wayne Rooney could kick my ass. I refuted the lies and claimed that it would be very easy work for me. I believe I also made a comment how I would never lose to a soccer player. Our buddy Josh texted me the following morning claiming Diego Costa (Soccer player, formerly with the current 5th ranked Chelsea FC) could beat me in a fight. I quickly looked up who Diego Costa was then laughed at the notion that anyone under 220 pounds that is not a professional fighter could beat me. He then proceeded to call me on my take (which I fully stand by) and asked if I could beat AJ Green. Without hesitation I said yes, then all hell broke loose.

I began like I do every argument by stating hard-hitting facts. Josh began his arguments like a fish out of water, flip-flopping all over the place. He said AJ was stronger than me, which is still up for debate, but when I pointed out to him strength doesn’t play the only factor in MMA or Brock Lesnar would be undefeated he then changed his argument. He came back with that AJ is a world-class athlete, which no one can argue, but so is Shaun White, doesn’t mean he is beating me in a MMA fight. Because an athlete is labeled a “world class” athlete in his particular sport doesn’t mean he is going to transition to other sports as well. Austin remained silent and hide under his blankets as Josh and I were hashing this out in our coveted group text. I presented my evidence with the video below of AJ hitting mitts, YIKES!


Now keep in mind, Josh is the furthest thing from an expert on boxing/MMA nor has he seen me work. The video above should tell you everything about AJ’s hands, they’re trash. The video did not slow Josh down. He continued his assault and wasn’t backing away from this one. I reached out to a friend of mine who has in fact seen me work, has been to the gym with me and has trained with me. Here is his take on it:


My only down fall during my arguments I presented was I kept comparing myself to elite athletes in MMA. For the record, and I want to be perfectly clear on this, I am not an elite athlete. No matter what you think or what you have told people, I am in fact just an (above) average athlete. However the point I was trying to make is Conor Mcgregor is a world-class athlete and pound for pound one of the best in MMA. Does that mean he can cross over to Baseball? Basketball? Of course not, just ask Michael Jordan.

At this point in the exchange that coward Austin finally decided to chime in and insult my physical fitness. He said I am past my prime and I was sweating while I was changing the laundry. First of all, I am in my prime. Second of all, I was not sweating and if I was sweating it was because that god damn laundry room is a sauna. Austin then questioned if I I could even last 3 rounds with AJ. I immediately challenged him to a fist fight, as I often do, but a wave of calm came over me. I suddenly realized that neither of these bums know what MMA shape is. Take a look at prime Fedor or even Roy Nelson now. Those guys look like they work at Jiffy Lube part-time. Clearly AJ Green is in tremendous shape but I have seen cross-country runners, body builders and cross fit nuts come into an MMA gym and after grappling one hard round with yours truly, they fall to mat and are never seen again. It is different kind of sport.

The arguments then turned into AJ Green beating Austin in soccer and it kind of fizzled out once all points were made. You would think your friends would have your back in battle. I always pictured me heading to the cage with an army of supporters. But now in my imagined scenario both of these traders will be wearing AJ Greens jerseys in the crowd, just mocking me.

In all seriousness, AJ is a fantastic football player. He is my favorite Bengal. I just don’t think he would transition well into MMA nor do I think world-class athletes in other sports should transition to MMA thinking it is easy. In my opinion, it is the most difficulty sport to get good at. I put in my time, AJ has not. Case closed and argument won.

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