I Have Slide Into So Many Fighters DM’s

It goes down in the DM’s! Well folks, I have been practicing what Yo Gotti preaches. I have slide into four fighters DM’s since Friday trying to get them on the podcast. As the  old saying goes, shooters shoot. Well then just call me fucking Russell Westbrook. I have reached out to a few high level fighters who I think would be very entertaining on the podcast. I am not sure how to reach these guys nor do I know the proper channels to go through to get an interview with a UFC Champion. I just politely DM them on Instagram explaining how an interview with them would be great. Fucking crickets.

I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task as fighters probably get DM’s all the time about new energy drink sponsorships or Dude Wipes. I figured if I can give them my pitch they would be at least receptive to the idea. I pitched them that I was more of a satire/comedy base as opposed to X’s and O’s like other outlets. I wouldn’t be asking the Vanilla questions but more of the swirl questions. (Editors note: I just came up with that swirl reference right now, I think it works) But so far no fighter has responded.

I even reached out to my old buddy Stipe. I sent him the blog I wrote about how we should of fought. According to my website stats a link from Instagram was accessed the day I sent that to him. That just tells me that Stipe read it and is now ducking me again, what a shame.

I won’t be giving up. I follow 276 fighters on Instagram and I will DM every single last one of them.

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