Fat Wallet Alert! UFC 222 Money Picks

I. Am. On. A. HEATER! If you don’t listen to my podcast (how dare you) then you don’t  know the heater that I have been on lately. I know a lot of people use the baseball no-hitter analogy, you shouldn’t talk about it until it happens, but I don’t believe in that horse shit. I do however always write my fat wallet blogs in the same disgusting t-shirt. I’m not superstitious, I am just a little stitious. (Thanks for that joke Michael Scott)

UFC 222 is a very interesting card. There are some solid fights but my disappointment lingers since Holloway/Edgar was scrapped.. I think the UFC tried to make it up by booking Brian Ortega, who is a god damn beast. But the show must go on and I plan on dissecting this card like a god damn surgeon and give you the winners. Ready? No? Well get fucking ready because here we go.



Cris Cyborg (-1650) is one of the biggest favorites I have ever seen in MMA, I would never in a million years tell anyone to put $2000 on a fighter because MMA is an unforgiving bitch. But, there is always a but, I think Cyborg is on another planet than Yana. Yana is a submission specialist with very little striking and gets knocked around by Holly Holm during sparring sessions. The same Holly Holm who lost a fight against Cyborg. I know MMA math doesn’t work but my brain does. I would use Cyborg in a parlay, no sense in taking the money line with such a little pay out. Cyborg will dominate and this could be a nice capper on a big parlay bet.

Jordan Johnson (-285) is a solid wrestler and is currently undefeated. Johnson is 2-0 in the UFC with decision wins. He needs to step it up and make a name for himself in a very thin LHW division. I think he can finish Milstead and go on a nice streak. I mean let’s be honest, the division is so weak this win could put him in the fucking top 10. I think he knows that and I think he goes out and destroys. I’d put $400 on Johnson and I will sleep wonderfully knowing I did so.

Ketien Viera (-140) is a booming star in the 135 pound Women’s Division. She is undefeated and has not lost in the UFC against some pretty stiff competition. She is fighting Cat Zingano, who I am a huge fan of for many non fighting related reasons (wink). Zingano has not been active in a while (July 2016) and doesn’t seem to be really gaining any momentum. The juice is all on Viera. It is a closer line because Zingano is a big name but I really like Viera in this fight. I would avoid a parlay and bet the money line. I’d drop $300 any day of the week on this fight.


Brian Ortega (+131) is one of the top prospects in all of MMA. Good looking kid with a different approach to the fight game. If you want to know more about him just follow Ariel Helwani on any of his social media, the guy won’t stop sucking Ortega’s dick. My Ariel Helwani diss aside, Ortega is the real deal. I have to admit I am a little nervous that a lot of people are picking Ortega in this fight, considering he is the under. That usually doesn’t work out. However, I think Ortega is fighting with so much confidence right now I think this is his time. Edgar is such a good test for anybody in this division and if Ortega beats him, GIVE ME HOLLOWAY! I would avoid any parlay with this bet as this fight is razor close. I’d go as high as $200 on Ortega.

Sean O’Malley (+100) is another fighter that is getting a ton of hype. I like O’Malley a lot, I think he has the intangibles that a lot of fighters don’t have. He has a huge personality and has a very fan friendly style. I have to be honest, if O’Malley was the favorite I would have picked Soukhamthath. O’Malley leaves himself open a lot. He is an offense first fighter which is great to watch but he will get caught a few times. Soukhamthath (credit to me for typing this name twice) is a solid puncher with some finishing ability. O’Malley is unique with his striking and should win a decision. I’d go $300 and I would add this to your parlay. You need a small under to really enhance that parlay money.

Andrei Arlovski (+150) is way past his prime. His chest hair hasn’t been seen since early 2004. When he went clean-shaven he lost his juice to win. Arlovski still has good boxing and a big right hand. Struve’s chin is made of chalk. I am not talking about sidewalk chalk. I am talking about that white late 90’s chalk. I feel like Arlovski can take Struve’s punches and land big shots of his own. I see Arlovski winning this in dominating fashion. $500 on AA and without a doubt use him in your parlay.






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