Let’s cut to the chase, I am the best MMA gambler in the world.

You read the headline right. I was going to go with the greatest but I didn’t want to sound pretentious, I think I nailed it. If you have been following this website from the beginning you know I fancy myself as a guy who picks winners. If you listened to my podcast this past Friday you will know I was all in on Donald Cerrone, I believe my quote was “Bet everything. Empty your bank account” and boy am I  glad I listened. In case you missed the podcast, here’s a link MMA Takes Podcast

Cerrone won in the first round and it was a huge win for him but I think an even bigger win for me. When I call these fights right and I risk big money I feel like Matthew McConaughey from the Al Pacino Movie ‘Two For The Money’ but the only difference between me and McConaughey is I am slightly better looking with a more southern accent. I am waiting for the Cincinnati underground gambling bosses to come swoop me up for my talents. I just imagine the bosses being the owners of Skyline, Price Hill Chili and Sebastian’s, the Greek Mafia. (If you’re not from Cincinnati you might not get that joke, but trust me, it was hilarious and I nailed it).

I am picking at an alarmingly high rate. I crunched the numbers and I am picking at 80 percent. Don’t believe me? Here is a text exchange between my buddy who is an accountant text


I made a pretty penny Sunday night and I am officially on a heater. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears glued to MMA Takes because I will be giving my bets out for this weekends UFC in Orlando. If you stick with me I might be able to put your kids through college.




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