The MMA Takes Podcast is LIVE folks

We did, Mama we did it! If you have been living under a rock for the past 3 weeks, this website went ahead and launched a podcast. I will admit I was a bit hesitant to share from the get go because I knew there was going to be some hiccups with some of the first recordings. I currently have 4 episodes up in iTunes and you should probably go ahead and stop what you’re doing and go subscribe to that. Right now. Go ahead, do it.

I wanted to write this blog so I can get some feedback on the podcast. Now, a couple of things I can’t change, my voice and the way I talk, trust me I’ve tried. But other than that I am open to any suggestions to help improve the podcast experience. Help me help you!

I am invested into this podcast and I hope it can take off. I went out and bought fucking legal pads to write topics for the show. Who am I? A law student. Buying legal pads and a bunch of pens. I went yellow on the legal pads, easy on the eyes. But I am taking this seriously and having some serious fun too. See what I did there? I will continue to improve the product and I am currently reaching out to get some guest in upcoming shows.

Alright folks, that about does it here. GO SUBSCRIBE!

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