Fat Wallet Alert! UFC Fight Night Belem Money Picks

I am back on my picks shit! What a way to start a blog eh? I haven’t written a Fat Wallet blog in a little bit. I was all geared up to do so this past weekend for Jacare/Brunson but alas I am a lazy Dad who did not. So I am going to redeem myself by giving only the fattest of picks for you here now.



Lyoto Machida (+220) is a juicy underdog I think people should not over look. Anders is the hot young stud coming through the ranks but hold on a minute there buckos, Machida has some left in the tank. Anders is powerful and big for 185 but I don’t think he will be able to handle a vintage Machida. And that is what I am gambling on, a vintage Machida showing up and doing karate circles around Anders. Give me Machida by decision. I would stay away from any finishes. I would put a clean $100 on Machida winning.

Anthony Smith (+220) is another guy I like. Santos is a very scary looking guy and Smith has laid a few eggs in the cage but he has the skills to be a wrecking ball. I think if Smith fights smart and drags this fight into the late 2nd, early 3rd he wins the fight. I think this fight is more of a pick em fight and I am LOVING this line. Thank you Vegas!

Pedro Munhoz (+130) is a scary bet. I know the line is not super drastic but I have lost so many times going for or against John Dodson, that little fucker is my Lex Luther. I just feel like Munhoz has made some big strides in his recent wins that he could give Dodson a tough fight. I am not all in on this under like the others but I wouldn’t mind if you threw a $100 on it. Avoid any parlays because I see this fight being razor-thin.


Marcelo Golm (-165) is the future Heavyweight star for Brazil. He is not quite as ugly as Big Foot Silva but he is God damn close. I like this kid. He is very young and has a long way to go but I think he can overwhelm Johnson in this fight. I think he can beat Johnson anyway he wants and he will. Super lock of the night. Add this to your parlay or straight bet. I’d go $500 if you want a big swinging dick.

Michel Prazeres (-145) is thicker than shit. I don’t think he is a killer but I hope he becomes one. I think he has a good look and could be a star in Brazil and a cross over star in USA. I think this line is close because Green has some good wrestling but I’ll take Michel with no A in Brazil any day of the week. Drop $200 and add him to a parlay. He’s golden.

Tim Means (+205) is the most hillbilly man fighting in the UFC. I don’t know Tim Means well enough to say that but I feel like if he wasn’t fighting MMA he would be fighting in a trailer park over the last can of dip. He’s a tough dude but sometimes, just sometimes he sucks shit in the cage. Morales is garbage. I think he is one of the least skilled guys in the UFC but he wins because fighters don’t take him seriously. I think Means is better and will wreck Morales but I am not super locked on this pick. I am at about 75%. I would avoid parlays and go $100 straight.


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