I Could Have Potentially Fought Stipe Miocic.

You read the headline right. I could have potentially fought Stipe to prove once and for all who the best Heavyweight from Ohio is. Now, we will never know. As many of you know I use to train MMA. I even did it up to 3 times a week, just to let you know how serious and dedicated I was to the craft. Stipe however, was training and still holding a job down as a hero firefighter, sounds like somebody was not as committed. I dropped out of college to pursue my passion for MMA. What did Stipe do? He wouldn’t even quit his job to dedicate himself to becoming the best. Most of you reading this will know Stipe is from Cleveland, probably because he won’t shut up about it. I reside from the beautiful city of Cincinnati, are paths were destined to cross. We both started our MMA career’s roughly around the same time. I started training in 2009 and Stipe didn’t have his first pro fight until 2010. I may not be Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting but I am pretty sure my math checks out and I was in the game a full year before Stipe. Local shows would happen all across Ohio and it was only a matter of time before the best vs the best happened. They would have billed it “Hunk verus Chump”. But this story has a dramatic twist, Stipe was signed to the UFC before I had my chance. Can you believe that? Stipe signed over this guy:



Was he scared? Was he worried because I technically never fought before? Was he ever offered a fight? I don’t know the reason Stipe never accepted a fight with me. I’ll leave those questions for God to answer.

Stipe just broke the UFC Heavyweight title defense record and cemented himself as the best Heavyweight in UFC history. I am proud of my fellow Ohio brother. However, the question still looms…Who would have won between him and I?

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