I Am Going To Be Like Every Other Asshole And Start A Podcast *Update*



A little update for my loyal fan base, all 6 of you. The podcast is definitely a go. I have been reading a ton of nerd shit to figuring out what I need and how to make it happen. I am going to be ordering equipment as I go because I know I may seem like a millionaire, I am not. And that shit is expensive! Good news is all I will need is a decent microphone to get started and I have that coming to me via Amazon.

It will be some back alley quality for a while. Sorry I’m not Joe Fucking Rogan. I am excited and hope you are too.


I think the title sums it up perfectly. I have been kicking around the idea for a while now and I have started to do some research on how to even do a fucking podcast. Now clearly, I am going to start small and it won’t be a big budget gig. I think I have a lot to say and hopefully it will be entertaining. I was always told I have a face for radio. Get it? But radio is fucking dead so the new saying is you have the face for podcasting. Eh, doesn’t have the same zing to it. I will do it once a week, maybe two if there is a big story that breaks, I am still figuring out where to host and what equipment I will eventually need to purchase, but all signs point to it being good to go.

I can’t promise you will like my voice. I also can’t promise you will like the show. BUT I can promise that I will sneak some kind of dick joke in every episode, it is my bread and butter! You stick with what got you there!

Let me know how this sounds to you MMA Takes nation. I will post on the website when and how to listen.



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