My Predictions for 2018

I’m back baby! I took short hiatus because my job is literally miserable during the month of December. I couldn’t squeeze in time after being a kick ass husband, awesome Dad and model employee. However, I will be blogging every week, Maybe a couple of times a week, who knows. All I know is if you follow me on social media be prepared to get links shoved down your god damn throat, promoting 101.

UFC ended the year strong with a ton of cards in December. Sorry I could not help you guys out with my vast betting knowledge but hopefully you did well and entered 2018 a little more fat in the wallet.

Here are my predictions for the sport of MMA 2018

Dana White and the UFC move into the boxing world and Dana promotes only boxing. The UFC get’s a new guy to promote the UFC. I am available.

Conor McGregor will fight in the UFC and it will be huge. I think they give him Tony Ferguson and it becomes an instant classic. That wasn’t that hard to  predict right? You didn’t let me finish. Conor wins and becomes even more ego driven and coke headed that he forgets he is just a man and not a god, and gets killed by a lady of the night. Didn’t see that coming did you?

Bruce Buffer will quit because the ring card girls are not young enough for him to fuck anymore. Past 25 you might as well forget it.

Joe Silva will come back and compete in the first ever 96 pound weight division. It will be called “PuneyWeight” and he will beat Darren Rovell in his first fight.

All those things might happen but here are my real predictions at who is keeping or losing their belts in 2018. 

Strawweight: I think Joanna gets her belt back in a big way.

Flyweight: Mighty Mouse keeps it. He beats T.J. then a possible rematch at the end of the year. But he stays champion.

Bantamweight: T.J. will keep the belt. He will drop down to fight DJ and lose. Come back up and rematch Cody and win. Then rematch DJ at the end of the year. Sorry Dominick.

Bantamweight Womans: I think Amanda Nunes doesn’t have much competition. Unless she moves up she will keep the belt and her bullshit sinus infection excuses.

Featherweight: Max was the 2017 fighter of the year. I see him fighting Brian Ortega, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar this year. I see him beating all 3. He is that fucking good.

Featherweight Womans: I mean, really? Nobody’s fucking with Cyborg. She will die champion.

Lightweight: Conor will come back and fight Ferguson. I think Conor wins big in that fight. I don’t see the UFC allowing him to fight Khabib so the UFC will have Tony/Khabib fight which will probably be fight the year. Khabib wins and becomes some kind of champion. Not sure whats going on with all those god damn belts.

Welterweight: My favorite division right now. Tyron is probably only a top 5 fighter in this division but he is the champ. I am all in on Darren Till. Feed that gorilla* anybody he wants for London in March and he runs through them. Colby will get his shot but Darren Till will ring in the New Year champ.

Middleweight: Luke Rockhold and Robert Whittaker will have a classic trilogy. Both winning one over another. But the dark horse is Paulo Costa, this guy is scary good.

Light heavyweight: Who cares. I guess DC? Call me when Jon Jones is back.

Heavyweight: I love my guy Stipe but I don’t see anyone beating Francis Ngannou. He is a scary human being.

*if you follow Darren Till on social media, which you should, he uses the gorilla emjoi and refers to himself as a gorilla. It was not racist snowflakes.



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