Let’s Talk About The Plan For The Blog

I haven’t been posting much because this upcoming month is a real bitch to find free time. My job becomes incredibly busy and I become a zombie. I will try to post as much as I can. I will be doing  deep dive into the odd’s for UFC 218 this weekend.

I am going to continue to write the gambling blogs because I feel like I have a gift. Fuck Dustin Hoffman in Rainman counting bullshit toothpicks, I get people paid! The gambling blogs will be a staple of the site.

The plan is to have a YouTube/Twitch account added to the site shortly. The new UFC game comes out at the end of January and I am sure most of you would like a shot at the KingMaker. I am going to link the gaming accounts to the website. I’ll record everyones valiant efforts.

I want to start reaching out to some fighters to interview them. The idea I have is I will ask 10 questions they have never been asked. I’ll ask them just some odd ball shit that they have never been asked before. For Example; Would you rather win a title or have your girlfriend/wife cheat on you with Dana White. I might get some threats. I know i will piss some people off but I think that is a fair question.

I hate writing recap blogs of events. Every major website does that and I think it is a waste of time, we all saw what happened. I think the easiest way for me to give my best take is in video form, I am going to post 1 minute videos recapping the latest event. I’ll post them here or link with the YouTube channel.

I want to add a page where I can keep track of my betting record or keep up to date odd’s on upcoming events. Posting my results and winnings could make some people come after me knowing I am the oracle, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

Those are some the ideas that I would like implement within the next month or so. I’ll keep adding more and more things over time. I don’t ever want to become stale like your favorite websites are right now.





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