My First Internet Fight…I Think It Went Pretty Well.

People online are the nicest, most level-headed bunch of humans you will ever come across. I have had this website for about 3 weeks now. I have been focusing on making the site better and ideas to grow the website. I have been slacking in the social media. I decided to dive in. I have been posting picture on Instagram and Tweeting up a storm (Follow me on both, @mmatakes) and it finally happened, an internet fight.

Now, I try to avoid this because I am gentleman and a mature adult but it was my first one so I played along.

instragram .jpg

This was the picture I posted. I commented that his tattoo  says Cody and it is dorky. Apparently, it says City. But I’ll stand by my original take and say at one point it said Cody, which again is some dork ass stuff. I was killing the like game. I have maybe 50 followers and I was getting 150-200 plus likes. Then the comments started rolling in.

instagram 2.jpg

I circled some of the better ones.

instagram 3

At this point I have ignored all the nay sayers and proceeded to post more photos. They kept chirping. So I had to respond.

instagram 4.jpg

I am not proud of how I handled myself. I knew when I started this website I was going to get a lot of shit about not knowing MMA. I think that is a fair assumption. I haven’t been around long enough but I like to think I prove it each weekend when I keep betting winners! The King Maker (self-appointed) has to prove himself. I can live with that.



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