Welterweights: The New Age Outlaws

Out with the old in with the new. Not only does that saying represent all of Tom Cruise’s ex wives but also the UFC Welterweight Division. I can recall a few years ago where George St. Pierre was king dick. Then GSP retires, Woodley somehow wins the title and here we are, on the cusp of the new age. There are great fighters that are getting shine right now and rightfully so. They’re the most skilled Welterweights the UFC has had and they’re really good personalities. Mike Perry might not even realize how funny he is. He is like a dog that runs into a screen door. We all laugh but the dog is unsure why we are laughing but he goes with it anyway. If The UFC announced a Welterweight tournament I would simply say “Take my money. All of it.”

As the king-maker (self-proclaimed) I have a lot of talent to choose from. Colby Covington just beat Demian Maia in Brazil. Darren Till looked amazing last week in Poland. Mike Perry is fighting Santiago Ponzinibbio on December 16th. Stephen Thompson is fighting Masvidal this Saturday, a lot going on in the division. However, Kamaru Usman has been drastically overlooked. No one wants to fight this guy. He has beaten everybody they put in front of him. He won The Ultimate Fighter, albeit it wasn’t the most watched season and was overshadowed by that weird gym owner feud. Hey Fox or whoever, let’s focus on the fighters. Not some gym owners who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. In my opinion, he is the toughest match up in the division. He has high level wrestling and grappling. He just Knocked out Serigo Moraes in the first round. The biggest knock on Usman is he hasn’t fought anybody in the top 10 yet. Well guess what fuckers, that is not his fault.

I am also all in on Darren Till. That kid has some serious swagger. And I hate using the word swagger but there is no other way to describe it. He can talk, he has a good look and an even better accent. His striking looked pinpoint against Cerrone. He is also huge for the weight class. That might come back and bite him in the ass later on but as of now, he is the monster Welterweight wrecking faces.

Usman and Till will be fighting for the title in 2018, book it! There are some interesting matchups at Welterweight no matter who they book. You know the division is interesting when everyone on Twitter because a match making expert. Be smart UFC. Push these guys and give Darren Till his Liverpool homecoming. There is nothing I love more than drunken Scousers serenading the fighters with there chanting. Oh-Oh-Oh Darren Till!








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