Pound 4 Pound Best Looking MMA Fighters


Let’s not make this weird. All guys can appreciate a handsome man. Ted Danson has been acting for 130 years because he has been a timeless handsome man. Marlon Brando was a handsome young man and a sex symbol. He got fat and really into Indian preservation and nobody gave a shit anymore. Handsomeness can’t be ignore. MMA has a few lookers in the sport. Here is the top 5 pound for pound.


5. Luke RockholdLuke-Rockhold-UFC-199-Press-04-750x370

Everybody thinks this guy is the cream of the crop. Yes, he is stunning. Probably the most classic good-looking guy on this list. But he seems like such a narcissistic dork. He seems like a guy that talks in third person and calls his own name out during sex. If he was cool or had any personality then he would be having sex non stop he wouldn’t even have time for anything but fucking. Joe Rogan said it best ” The only reason any guy has gotten laid is because Luke Rockhold wasn’t there.” Good quote, but he is staying at five on my list.

4. Stephen Thompson3569BCE200000578-3647675-image-a-4_1466210425700

Wonderboy has that southern charm that all the ladies love. He teaches a youth karate class everyday and seems like a pretty good dude. My only complaint is he seems so boring. What would a chick talk to this guy about? Karate? How he still wears a gold chain? How he has a little bit of an awkward body that is a little off-putting. Another huge negative is this dudes Dad controls everything in his life. That means if you’re a girl and you want some Stephen Thompson pipe, you better get cozy with pops.

3. Kevin Lee420_Kevin_Lee.0.0

This one is a little confusing. He just fought and lost to Tony Ferguson, who is dog shit ugly. Ferguson is ugly enough it made Lee that much better looking. It is very similar to a semi good-looking girl surrounding herself with dogs to make herself appear to be a 10. You take the dogs away, she becomes a 6. It is a mirage. I think Kevin Lee might have been a mirage but nonetheless, he is pretty handsome with or without that horrible head band.

2. Conor McGregorc49a054451558f60af5535473ea097f5

This one is obvious. I can quote the famous Scarface line but I think we all get it. I will save us some time.

1. Cody Garbrandt 028_Cody_Garbrandt.0.0

Ohio born, Ohio bred. This handsome son of a bitch has an impressive track record. He dated Paige VanZant for a time. Not only did he date her, but he stole her from his teammate Andre Fili. That’s some high level handsome guy shit. Now his new chick is a smoke show. He has the pretty boy good looks but also that bad boy tattoo look. He can meet and greet with the parents but still be a dangerous, mysterious badass with your friends. He is what George Costanza always wanted to be. His suit game is on point and he is the champ. He is now the king of all handsome guy shit in MMA.

Congratulations Cody, you earned it.






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