Odd’s and Winners for Cerrone/Till




The UFC is in Gdansk, Poland tomorrow night. You know what they about Gdansk right? Nothing. I am still not convinced that it is a real place. Nonetheless the UFC decided to put on a decent card for the Pollack’s. I am going to give you 4 winners that you should immediately place a bet on. I won’t tell you which place to make your bets because they’re not paying me. And until they do, go with whoever you want.

Donald Cerrone (-150) Vs. Darren Till (+130)

Let’s start with the Main Event Donald ‘Cowboy” Cerrone Vs. Darren ‘ I am not going to stop un-Till you’re dead’. Shout out to Chris Berman for the help with the nickname.

I love this fight. Pretty even line but I like Till in this fight. My brain is telling me Cowboy won’t lose three in a row but my gambling brain is saying, Till at +130 is a steal kid! My gambling brain calls me kid.

Till is stepping up big in competition here. But I like the matchup. I like his size. I like that he has the thickest English accent I have ever heard. For that reason alone, Till wins.

Bet $50 and win $67

Artem Lobov (+150) Vs. Andre Fili (-180)

Many of you might know Artem Lobov as Conor McGregor’s bag boy. But his actual job is punching bag, I mean fighter. Lobov is in the UFC because of Conor but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight. This dude grew up in Russia. I don’t think there is a person in Russia that isn’t tough. Those fuckers scare me. He is fighting Andre Fili, who had so much hype 3 years ago when he was banging Paige VanZant. For which I tip my cap to you good sir! Fili has fallen off in his last couple fights (1-2). He has been chinny in his last few outings. I like Lobov in this fight. (I can’t believe I just typed that) I think if Fili was the under I would pick him. And with it being in Poland which is basically Russia, let’s be honest. I have to go Lobov.

Straight bet Lobov at $50


Jan Blachowicz (+130) Vs.  Devin Clark (-150)

Can you guess which one is Polish? That’s right, it is the dude name ‘Jan’. This fight is a tough one to call. Because Jan being Polish you think this guy is going to come out guns blazing. However, Devin Clark is a solid wrestler who doesn’t give a shit he is fighting in Poland. Another even line but I like Clark in this fight. Jan has had trouble with wrestlers in the past and Clark is a solid one. I also think Jan has had trouble being mistaken as a woman if someone just saw his name and not his giant body.

Bet $75 straight on Clark or add him to a parlay.


Felipe Arantes (+255) Vs.  Josh Emmett (-315)

I really like this line. I am not crazy about Arantes, i think he is an average fighter. But he is coming off a loss and he has never lost back to back fights. Josh Emmett is another one of Uriajh Faber’s 5’6 wrestlers. I swear Urijah breeds this fucking guys in his backyard. Emmett is the real deal. I heard about him before he fought in the UFC and he has looked pretty good thus far. He is coming off his only loss and I think that could mentally fuck with him. I like Emmett if you’re using him in a parlay. I love Arantes as a straight bet. There is always that big under that could surprise and I think this might be the fight.

Bet $50 with Arantes and win $128.

Parlay: Alves, Alvey, Piechota. Bet $50 win $180.

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