Let Me Reintroduce Myself…

Once upon a time, many moons ago I wrote for Bleacher Report. I wrote a few articles that were decent. A lot that were bad. I was making enough waves to be asked to participate in a few conference calls to voice my opinion. I had a few other job opportunities and I decided to stop writing and train MMA full-time. I believe my direct quote to my editor was ” I’m done writing about it, I want to be about it.” Such a cheesy fucking thing to say but that would have been a great sound bite if I ever made it. I had been training while I wrote but I wanted to focus all my energy on training. One fluke brain injury later and I am now shackled behind this keyboard. It is a tough pill to swallow when your dreams are shattered and the only option is to become a dweeb MMA writer. I haven’t written anything meaningful in four years because I was too busy making a baby. (Hi Winnie!) But I am rejuvenated and I found my mojo again.

The purpose of this blog is to write what true MMA fans want to read. There are too many ivy league, liberal art types writing about MMA and they all stink. MMA is a growing sport and the dinosaurs who are covering it are not. I may misplace a comma or two. I might start a sentence with a preposition. The spelling will be suspect. But I guarantee you this, I am going to bring you the truth. Or at the very least what I perceive to be the truth.

I also happen to be pretty fucking good at predicting fights. I pick winners, plain and simple. What does that mean? It means your wallet is going to get fatter dummy. It means that if you listen to me you will feel like you’re at the winner circle at the Kentucky Derby. The only difference is I won’t make you wear a stupid fucking hat. At this blog, I will be supplying all my betting knowledge. If you read it and make money, great. If you don’t read it and lose money, good fuck you.

This blog will evolve once I understand how everything works. So bear with me. This is just a creative way to express my opinions in more than 140 characters. (Twitter didn’t give 280)

Keep reading. Get rich. Venmo me cash.



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